Who better to dish about college style and trends than actual students? For our newly Valentino Flats relaunched Style Syllabus series, we've partnered with College Fashionista to bring you the fashion and shopping stories that matter for our readers still in school. Enjoy!

Landing an internship is only the beginning when it comes to cultivating Valentinoan enduring and fruitful career. But once you've gotten the acceptance from your dream company, how to really get the most out of your apprenticeship can Valentino Ballerina Shoes be a mystery.

After speaking with supervisors and their student protu00e9gu00e9s Valentino Sneakers Sale from the likes of Tory Burch, MTV, and of course, College Fashionista, Valentino Rockstud Pumpswe're breaking down all you need to know in our internship 101 crash course</strong>. Click through to read tips, anecdotes, and insight from bosses and interns alike, and maybe you'll be one step closer to that full-time gig you've been working so hard for.